Spring Full Boot 2 Full Stack with React.js

Toby Cook

Hey man, just wanna say thanks again. I'm now on my placement where I'm working with Spring MVC, Maven and Angular.Your course was definitely a god send as I am lot more prepared now haha

Course Description

Netflix recently switched their entire backend to Spring Boot 2. It was a no brainer really.

Spring Boot 2 is the best framework to build applications. Weather you build a small to medium size application or even large scale application, Spring Boot will be the perfect choice.

This course teaches how to build a full stack application using Spring Boot 2 and PostgreSQL for the backend and React.js for the frontend.

You will learn core concepts need to build a full stack application and you will also deploy the application to AWS making it available to real users to use.

Course Roadmap

  • Getting started and bootstrap project using Spring Initializr
  • Boostrap React.js app with Create React App. You will wire up the front end with backend and implement awesome components using antd library
  • Spring a docker container running PostgreSQL. In this section you will learn how to connect to databases using Spring Boot.
  • Learn how to architecture backend applications
  • Write SQL queries using JDBC Template provided by Spring.
  • Submit form requests from frontend and implement backend logic to process form submissions.
  • Error handling on both frontend and backend. You will learn how to create customer exceptions and display notifications for errors thrown by backend.
  • Database migrations with Flyway
  • Learn about SQL joins and link tables
  • A bunch of excersises through the course to ensure you learn for real
  • Building automation with Maven
  • Deployment process to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Why should take this course

This course if for someone who want to learn the process of building and deploying full stack applications with Spring Boot from the ground up. Upon completion, the skills acquired will enable you to build applications on your and deploy to real users. Whether you need to improve your skills for your current job or need to build a rock solid app for university projects, this course is definitely for you.

Skills Covered in this course

JavaSpring Boot 2PostgreSQLSQL JoinsDockerReactReact HooksMavenFlywayAWSantd

How do I get started?

If you ready to gain real skills that will help to secure a job or build a real application on your own, then I will see you inside.